Recipe by Bistro 67 (Chef Raul Sojo)


Beef Inside Round

Trim the fat

Slice thin

The Marinade:

Chop cilantro, green onions, garlic, and a sprig of thyme.

Add to blender

Add dried oregano 1 tbs

Add chilli powder 1 tbs

Add cumin 1 tbs

Add salt and pepper

Add dried chilli pepper

Add vegetable oil

Add beer 1-2 cups

Blend and marinade


Slice and chop cabbage

Add Mayonnaise

Add Adobo sauce

Add Salt and pepper

Add Lemon juice

Add cabbage 3 cups

Add chopped cilantro

Mushroom rice:

Chop green onions

Chop mushroom medley

Long grain rice 2 cups

Sauté mushrooms, add salt

Add green onions

Add long grain rice 2 cups

Add water 3.5 cups

Bring to a boil

Reduce heat (with lid)

Cook for 20 mins.

Add cilantro to rice

Pickled red onions:

Slice red onions thinly

Add salt and pepper

Add lime juice

Add a splash of red vinegar

Mix and set aside


Boil and grill corn

Remove kernels

Cherry tomatoes:

Slice cherry tomatoes in half

Add salt and pepper

Add cilantro and oil


Slice and peel avocado

Add lemon juice to prevent browning