About Us

Saffron Hub is a national, non-profit organization established to support and promote women food entrepreneurs throughout Canada.

Saffron Hub bolsters a food culture of empowerment by sharing women’s food histories and successes, resulting in gender equity, greater equal opportunity, advancement and leadership for women food entrepreneurs.




Saffron Hub believes in inclusion, empowerment and collective impact through innovative and need-based programs and services where poverty is reduced, equity is achieved and community collaboration is possible for betterment of our communities.


Empowering & Enriching Lives Through Food.


Saffron Hub is committed to showcasing and promoting the extraordinary work of women food entrepreneurs.

To create a true community hub where the unique accomplishments and skills of entrepreneurial women, in all stages of their careers, are celebrated.

To be a community where many contribute to make a greater whole, a vibrant, culturally diverse collective where everyone has an important and unique role.


Community Development is our commitment and we achieve this through our CORE values:

Empowerment: We strive to incorporate culture of empowering lives for all into our programming as much as possible to encourage pride in personal growth and to inspire new ways of thinking.

Openness: We aim to create an environment free of judgment, where diversity is embraced and feeling of respect is mandatory.

Diversity: We value each person and will treat everyone equally with kindness, empathy and dignity as diversity is our strength.

Engagement: We believe that growth can’t happen alone, but with the support of stake holders we are able to bring community engagement and development.


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