Saffron Hub


Saffron Hub’s Mandate

  • To advance services in the food industry by identifying and responding to the opportunities, gaps and barriers (cultural & systemic)
  • To engage women, youth, industry representatives, community partners by increasing opportunities through training and placements
  • To establish mechanisms that can bring awareness & solutions in advancing equal opportunities for women and men in the food industry
  • To improve the economic status of immigrants through entrepreneurship in the food sector
  • To establish a state of the art cooking school which is in accordance to the cultural sensitivity of immigrants from diverse backgrounds
  • To manufacture and process food products and sell in wholesale, retail and export markets
  • To create placement services and information portal which can serve as a hub for promotion, awareness and connection
  • To address the food insecurity in the vulnerable communities and reduce food wastage by working with various community partners.

Explore Opportunities 

Food Festivals & Events

Saffron Hub strives to keep you up to date on food festivals, symposiums, conferences and professional networking events. We inform you of opportunities to hear food entrepreneurs from all over the world, share their food industry expertise.

We also provide a listing of the fantastic array of cultural food festivals and food tourism in Canada.

Saffron Hub is a proponent of food tourism and is planning to develop and implement food festivals and events of its own, as a means to showcase the outstanding work of women food entrepreneurs.

New events will be continuously posted.

Information & Referrals

Saffron Hub wants to know your story, your accomplishments and future goals.

If you are interested in our mission and services, please contact us.

We support and promote women food entrepreneurs at all stages in their career. Your experience helps to build a true community hub of unique contributors, where-in everyone has an important role.

Help us enrich our community food hub for women entrepreneurs and contact us for a referral.

Culinary Skills Training

Saffron Hub provides training and mentoring opportunities, facilitated by accomplished chefs and food entrepreneurs who utilize community hubs and venues through-out the GTA and Canada.

Saffron Hub connects you with successful leaders at different stages in their career, in a variety of food businesses. 

Through educational opportunities, we are able to meet and work together, share our experiences and identify needs in the food industry, point out growth potential and new opportunities. Our culinary skills training and educational opportunities provide experiential learning, enable experimentation and networking culminating in your success as a food entrepreneur.

Women in Food Business

Saffron Hub is proud to be part of a global movement upholding women food entrepreneurs.

Women entrepreneurs are leaders in the food industry responsible for innumerable culinary and kitchen-ware inventions and many food industry organizations.

Women have founded culinary institutions, educational foundations, supportive networks and online communities.

Women are top achievers in the restaurant business and compete in international chef competitions. They are; famous tea producers, brewers and bakery entrepreneurs, leaders in the sustainable, local, organic and vegan food movements. They are trend setters who introduce a wealth of cultural foods inspired by family traditions, policy makers and changers in food nutrition.

Saffron Hub champions their outstanding work and regularly features new and established women food entrepreneurs. As immigrants, we have lot to contribute to the growing economy, through promotion and support we like to highlight Women in Food business.