Event Director

Ezel Urul

With over 15 years of experience in media-communications and TV-film industries, along with more than 5 years in the event planning sector, Ezel is a seasoned professional. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism from Marmara University in Turkey and furthered her expertise through studies in Media-Video Production and Post-Production in Canada.

Ezel’s articles and interviews have graced the pages of national newspapers and magazines in Turkey. Her extensive portfolio includes work on numerous episodes of documentaries, reality shows, television news programs, as well as music & entertainment programs.

Throughout her career, Ezel has offered invaluable media consultancy to a wide spectrum of special projects, organizations, artists, educational institutions, and medical professionals.

After relocating to Canada, Ezel redirected her focus to the events industry, capitalizing on her extensive professional background to establish her own media and events company. Her diverse portfolio encompasses the organization of various events, ranging from plays, concerts, festivals, meetings, workshops, expos, tasting-pairing events, to special nights in various Canadian cities. Her commitment extends to collaborations with non-profit organizations.

Ezel’s personal interests are a testament to her diverse passions, including vinyl record collecting, art, literature, music, photography, nostalgia, wine, raki, “meyhane” culture, gastronomy, and travel. She even added a culinary dimension to her journey, working as a chef in an award-winning restaurant for six months.

Beyond her professional achievements, Ezel plays an active role in fostering community and networking. She serves as an administrator and moderator in 5 social media groups established for solidarity and help, dedicated to Turkish-speaking communities in Canada, where her dedication includes supporting them and facilitating connections.