VIJ’s Ginger & Garlic Paste 750g / 26.47oz


Made from fresh ground ginger & garlic – Pâte de gingembre et d’ail

Vij’s Ginger & Garlic Paste is made from fresh ginger and garlic sourced from the finest farms. It has a fine and fluffy texture which gives the dish same delicious flavour and aroma minus the labour involved in grinding. Perfect for stir-fry, curries, chutneys,



Naturally preserved with Himalayan Pink Salt, Made with real garlic and ginger, no artificial flavours used, Packed in reusable airtight containers to preserve freshness.

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Fresh Ginger, Fresh Garlic, Vinegar ( Acetic Acid & Water), Himalayan Pink Salt, Vegetable Oil (Soybean and Canola), Citric Acid (E-330), Guar gum (E-412)

Net Wt.

750g / 26.47oz